“The last 19 months of Pilates has done me a world of good. I am stronger, I have lost weight and toned my body, and I feel better all around! I love the variety of classes - mat, tower, systems, and I am always ready for aqua classes to start in the summer! Each one has so many different types of exercises that it never gets boring, and they work your entire body. I have met many wonderful new people. My instructors brings such enthusiasm and years of knowledge to the classes.They both are concerned about ME each class, checking to see if I have any special needs that day. They can adapt exercises to meet any limitations. Pilates is easy on my joints, one of the main reasons I joined classes. If other types of exercise have turned you off, then you have to give this a try. It is great for anyone!”

- Gail, Tipp City, OH

I am the healthiest person I know; Pilates with Celeste has been a big part of that.


"I have been working with Celeste MacKenzie since 2002. Pilates is the only exercise in all my life that I have stuck with. Celeste’s teaching technique not only introduces the correct way in which to receive maximum benefits but she also explains the reasoning behind the movements. She has taught me to practice Pilates every moment of my everyday life. Knowing and using these techniques have allowed me to enjoy full motion in my left arm following a spiral fracture of my humerus and my movement following hip replacement has improved immensely. Painless freedom of motion is priceless and I do owe that to Celeste’s teachings. The most recent seminar I attended under Celeste was on posture. This is such a familiar subject and yet so often ignored. Celeste has a way of impressing what is important and what works with even the most basic elements of our well being. The syllabus that she prepared for us as a hand out has been an invaluable reference tool as I strive to keep my body as strong and healthy as it can possibly be. Posture is a major key to my success. Celeste also strives. She takes classes as well as attends national and international conferences. Her approach is ever fresh and her joy comes from sharing all she knows/learns with her students. I look forward to another sweet sixteen years of working with Celeste, the best possible instructor/teacher/coach! "

- Patricia F.

"Chronic, nagging lower back pain no more! Lengthening, strengthening and consistency from Pilates has improved the quality of my life tremendously. I am so thankful I found Celeste and Peak Personal Pilates. "

- Julie, Troy, OH

"Celeste and her instruction of Pilates is the very best fitness class that I have taken and her Studio is State of the Art, with all the best Pilates apparatus.I have arthritis, experienced pain and sleepless nights. I feel great, no pain or sleepless nights anymore. All the credit goes to Celeste.....She is an amazing lady, and a fabulous instructor."

- Melanie, Vandalia, OH

I’ve been taking Pilates from Celeste for over 3 years 2 or 3 times a week, and it has become one of my top priorities. Under Celeste’s watchful eye, every class is challenging, rewarding, and fun. She is experienced and passionate about each of her students, and we’ve watched her get even better as she completed the rigorous legacy training this year. Her example is inspiring.
For me it has been really empowering, even as the years go by, to feel that I can continue to get stronger and healthier.

- Karen R., Troy

I am a 66 year old male who has been a Pilates student of Celeste for approximately 3 years. I was having lower back as well as occasional sciatic nerve pain and It was recommended by chiropractor that I do exercises to strengthen my core. My wife had previously performed Pilates and suggested I give it a try. Since doing Pilates under Celeste's guidance, my back issues are much improved as well as sciatic pain for most part disappeared. Celeste is a consummate professional who continues to work on honing her teaching skills as well as understanding where you are at with managing your progress factoring in any physical limitations. She is remarkably able not only observe what you are doing correctly but has a keen sense to guide you on what exercises need improvement performed in a healthy and optimal manner. I always feel good after our sessions. I'm a believer.

- Tom H., Troy

Pilates is a great tool for maintaining our fitness and flexibility as we enter our golden years...


"Learning Pilates at Peak Personal Pilates with Celeste has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. Increasing core strength has had multiple benefits including the elimination of low back pain, better toned muscles, & improved posture. Celeste is an excellent teacher. Her studio is immaculate with equipment that rivals those found in New York studios. Try it, you'll be really pleased with the results!”

- Tom & Deb, Troy, OH

"I had the pleasure of taking Pilates from Celeste for many years. I started with Mat class and worked my way up to Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair and the Barrel. I was amazed by how quickly I built up strength - especially in my core. Celeste is so encouraging - she always gently pushes to where she knows you can go! Her constant sweet attitude and guidance really helped me to grow and become stronger. Sadly, I've moved out of town so I'm not able to take classes with Celeste any longer. My new instructor here in TN was amazed at how well I was trained. She couldn't believe that even after almost 4 years with no Pilates, my strength and form were so good. It's a testament to how good of an instructor Celeste is! I try to take a class with her every time I visit OH. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of doing Pilates!"

- Dawn, Nashville, TN

"I attended my first Pilates with my sister- in- law and never dreamed I would still be attending two and a half years later. Celeste does a wonderful job of keeping the class fresh while pushing you to 'go a little harder'. I love the challenge and feel like I am in the best shape of my life. As an added bonus, I feel more aware of my body and posture. "

- Holly, Huber Heights

"Celeste Mackenzie is an EXCEPTIONAL pilates instructor & human being. Professionally, she is well-versed in ALL pilates mat & apparatus exercises. Impressively, while teaching full-time, she continued her education & has become one of the elite "Master" Pilates Instructors. Importantly, Celeste's students are her top priority! She genuinely cares about each student's ability to benefit from pilates, modifies exercises for individuals, & is always encouraging. Personally, she is lovely, warm, and humble. I am a 62-year-old woman with hand/wrist arthritis & vertigo, but thanks to Celeste, I have been able to do pilates for 3 years & have gained invaluable core strength & increased flexibility. SHE IS THE BEST PILATES INSTRUCTOR YOU WILL EVER HAVE!"

- Deb H., Troy

I have been taking Pilates classes with Celeste for 3 1/2 years now, and I still love it! Celeste keeps each class fresh and fun. There are always new movements or a twist on the standard ones that keeps the classes from never being boring! I love how good I feel. My balance has improved, I am stronger and my body is firmer and more toned. I take 3 classes a week to get the exercise needed to help manage my diabetes. And in the summer, if you have not tried aqua Pilates, then you are missing a really great workout! Easy on my joints, very aerobic, and FUN! I highly recommend Pilates for those who have had a hard time trying to find an exercise program that fits your needs. There is something for everyone.

- Gail D. Tipp City

"Pilates with Celeste has greatly increased my strength and flexibility. Celeste's extensive experience with dance and Pilates training allows her to evaluate and challenge each one individually. Over ten years ago I started with Reformer class and quickly added the Tower and Chair classes. Summer Aqua class is great fun and a fabulous workout. I also love the Run/Walk group which I've done for many years now. Celeste attends many National educational conferences and workshops to bring us the latest new methods. Pilates improved my health and fitness. I love it."

- Nancy W. Clayton, Ohio