All classes are by appointment only! NO first time clients unless you have a strong Pilates background and experience on all the apparatus. We require a private session for ALL clients new to Pilates and the studio so we can place you in the appropriate level class


Group class (Reformer & other apparatus)
-(3 to 7 people)

This session is the same as a private but with 3 to 7 people in each class. The Reformer is the most used and versatile apparatus with the majority of this class working on it. The reformer is designed to help support and assist the client in every exercise but at the same time challenge them with resistance from the various spring levels and also the uniquely designed movement based exercises. Once you have been on a Reformer, you will understand the full System of Pilates as it helps the client understand the fundamentals and concept of each exercise easily.

Tower class is an enhanced mat class using the unique Cadillac/Tower springs, bars and straps and small barrels for added support and resistance. No beginners permitted in this class

Wunda Chair exercises will be incorporated in a Systems/Circuit session or could be a class on it's own. The Chair is a great piece of equipment that allows you to challenge your balance & strength and improve on flexibility, alignment and coordination. This session also includes all the exercises in the Pilates system(over 800 different exercises) using ALL the other apparatus(Chair,Tower and Barrels). Clients of the same level will be grouped together so everyone progresses together.

All the above sessions are booked in advance and have a strict cancellation policy of at least 3 hours to give me a chance to find a replacement for your group, or re-schedule

Group Class Systems or Tower

For experienced clients only!
1 session ($32)
1 session ($30)/Studio pass