Follow Celeste in CELEBRATING her 20TH YEAR OF RUNNING her first full and Ultra marathon (Comrades 56 miler) in 1998 by attempting to complete her 3rd NEW YORK MARATHON on Nov, 4th 2018.
I'll be running for a charity close to my heart - the arthritis foundation. I am raising awareness that arthritis doesn't have to slow you down.

Run/Walk Program

The Peak Pilates studio is adjacent to a wonderfull bike path where we take all run/walk clients through a program that enables them to transition from a daily walk/ run to actually entering and competing in races from 5 km to full marathons. Celeste and her husband Gregor (owner of Xcel Sports Medicine ) have combined their expertise in this field and have sponsored this program to help as many people benefit from the joy of just getting started in this wonderful sport. This program is free to all Pilates clients.

Received Age Group Prize.

Run/Walk Program: click for info