Mat Class

Mat exercises are the foundation exercises of Pilates. They require NO equipment and can be done on a mat on the floor. Props such as Fitballs, flexbands, magic circles and light weights are often used to help increase the resistance and understand the concept of the exercise. It is highly recommended that these exercises are practiced daily for at least 10 min. Mat class instruction allows the client to learn and perfect these fabulous exercises that can be performed anywhere so are a great home exercise program. They are taught in precise detail so the client knows all the proper form and technique requirements. Mat exercises are difficult to perfect so usually sessions on the equipment will help with the progression from the relatively easy Beginner exercises to the very difficult advanced exercises. It is a great cost effective class to add to your routine.

Celeste Offers Mat classes at Various venues around the Miami Valley. Contact studio for details or if you’d like to set up a group class at your workplace, school or home. If you split the fee between the group, you can enjoy a wonderful workout for an affordable rate. $65 per class (within 6 miles of Tipp) OR $75 (more than 6 miles away from Tipp)

Booking essential to secure your place.

Special classes for New, Beginner or regular clients

These special classes will be canceled if there are not enough signed up. A minimum of 4 is required for the class to go ahead.

Mat/Tower/Circuit class -only $20
This class includes Mat and basic intro exercises on all the apparatus
Monday @ 9.30am and Wednesday @ 6pm

Mat/Tower class-only $15
This class uses the Tower bars/springs and straps for added resistance
Saturday @ 9.30am

"Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness"