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Welcome to Peak Personal Pilates

Established 2002

Pilates is a very intense and difficult form of exercise to learn and understand. It is, however, very gentle on the body and very effective if done properly. The strength gained from each exercise is such that most common back pain and other injuries improve naturally due to the increase of core strength and correct alignment. After each session, you will feel an improvement in your Posture, Control, Coordination, Balance & Strength.

Are you ready to embark on the re-creation of your body and take charge of your health?

Celeste Mackenzie, a Second generation Master Instructor has a unique fully equipped Pilates studio situated in the tranquil countryside of Tipp City, Ohio. Peak Personal Pilates offers a variety of classes and exercise programs including Aqua, Barre and Pilates with Props, Restorative and Movement therapy sessions for Rehabilitation and even a free run/walk group.

All Group Pilates classes on the apparatus (Systems/Tower) classes which are exercises on the traditional Reformer,Tower, Wunda Chair and Spine Corrector/ barrels, are privately booked so all new clients will need to be evaluated with a Private session before being placed in a group Systems/Tower Class However, there are always Special Beginner classes available for those trying out Pilates for the first time and cannot afford a private session. All new clients must understand that Celeste’s guest teaching and Workshop presentation takes her away from the studio at various times of the year. There are NO other instructors at the Peak Personal Pilates studio so Celeste expects you to continue with your personal practice with guidance from her Youtube videos in her absence, or you can film your class for home practice.

There is a limited amount of space for new clients in Celeste busy schedule, so Celeste is very selective with whom she takes on as a permanent client. Pilates takes years to master and total commitment and patience is the only way you will reap the benefits of Pilates so don’t expect it in a single class. All group apparatus classes (Systems/Tower) are for those who have taken at least 5 Private sessions and have proven their commitment to Pilates and accept Celeste’s strict instruction. If you feel that you will not commit to Pilates completely and accept the studio protocol and be disciplined to do your home practice, then this studio is probably NOT for you.

Celeste is happy to announce that Community Mat classes are held regularly throughout the year in Downtown Tipp City. See Mat class page for details. Celeste is currently NOT teaching in Beavercreek. Beavercreek studio is expanding and will reopen soon. Contact Celeste for more info. Contact Celeste directly for your Beavercreek studio session.

Celeste has recently attained her Master Teacher status with renowned 1st generation elder Lolita San Miguel who was taught and certified by Joseph Pilates. Celeste spent 2 years with Lolita's Pilates Master Mentor program (PMMP) and is proud to be a 2nd generation Master Teacher. Celeste is eager to start spreading Lolita's Legacy. There are only a handful of Legacy trainers who finish the grueling Mentorship with Lolita.This method includes all traditional Pilates exercises, in addition to the extra curriculum gleaned from Lolita's years of experience. Her teaching method is relative to our modern world and lifestyle of today as it addresses the poor posture that is the cause of many preventable injuries and conditions in our population. Celeste hopes to share her thesis study "Functional Pilates in the home and workplace" and offer workshops and presentations on Pilates and Posture, Arthritis and Pilates and Rehabilitative Pilates